Engineering Standards

ISO and DIN, the International Standard Organization and German Institute for Standardization use XML for many years. This guarantees long lifetime, automatic analysis, print in different media and much more.

Use these advantages for your standards as well. This is easy and cost-effective with our out-of-the-box solution DOSCO Werknorm.

Consistent and Compliant - Guaranteed

DOSCO Werknorm is an XML-based application to create standards. It is oriented towards DIN 820-2-2 "Standardization - Part 2: Presentation of documents"

DOSCO Werknorm can be used out-of-the-box to:

  • create standards in two source languages (English and German)
  • create PDF output with company logo
  • convert the document to Micrsoft Word to be edited by experts in technical departments

DOSCO Werknorm can be enhanced and adjusted according to your corporate needs at any time. For example add online publications, CI-conform presentation in PDF, additional functions to support the editors, link to other systems like databases or standard management systems.

Advantages By XML

  • DOSCO Werknorm is based on XML - an international standard instead of beeing proprietary
  • consequently documents are system - and producer independent, your documents are in text format
  • DOSCO Werknorm is based on rules according to a DTD. This means, documents can be processed automatically
  • documents contain no information about layout. This is added separately, which means an uniform presention without annoying the author, easily changes to layout and layout in different media based on the same source


  • this is also an advantage for tranlation - also the translation does not need to be layouted, it's done automatically
  • the usage of XML makes it possible to tag special content and to process this content automatically, e.g. links to external documents

Any Questions about DOSCO Werknormen?

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