DOSCO Wrap Now

VDI 2770 will become the relevant standard for the transfer of manufacturer information in the process industry. DOSCO Wrap Now offers a convenient, form-based acquisition of metadata and the creation of the entire package at the touch of a button.

Project and data

DOSCO Wrap Now knows projects and documents within projects. A project comprises the content of a VDI 2770 package. Wrap Now saves all data of a project in a project file with the file extension dwnproject.

A document in DOSCO Wrap Now contains the VDI 2770 metadata for a real document with possibly several format versions.

The picture shows a section of the DOSCO Wrap Now user interface in the „Project“ area. The „BF-12 Royal“ project contains the documents  „main document",  „technical data sheet", etc.

The export function creates the VDI 2770 package with all documents of the project.




DOSCO Wrap Now offers form fields for entering the individual metadata. If the values are given, they can be selected from a list.

Consistency check

VDI 2770 includes a number of specifications for certain metadata, also across document boundaries. The consistency check available at project level in DOSCO Wrap Now detects errors and highlights them in color.

Document navigator

DOSCO Wrap Now offers the individual metadata fields of a document on several pages in a fixed structure. There is a navigator for this structure. With this navigator every metadata field can be reached quickly.

If the consistency check has discovered an error, the corresponding entries are marked red in the Navigator. This allows the fault location to be targeted.

DOSCO Wrap Now in Video



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