XML-Transformation Centris

Centris AG (CH) works as an IT service provider for the Swiss insurance industry. It handles crucial business processes for its customers, including output management. DOSCO provides support in this area thanks to its many years of XML expertise.

XSLT and more

Output management includes the creation, control and distribution of letters and documents from the various insurance companies to their customers. In this process, the content flows XML-based from the Adcubum Syrius specialist system via a transformer into the output system for formatting and distribution.

The XSLT-based transformer optimizes the specialist information for formatting in the output system. The modular structure of the transformer allows it to be used for different customers while its source code is largely redundancy-free. In addition, the performance of the processing plays an essential role.

Since September 2020, DOSCO has been advising and supporting Centris in the modularization and optimization of the transformer.

Quality assurance PDF output

Changes in the output system require great care to ensure correct output. To support quality assurance, DOSCO is developing a configurable comparison program in coordination with Centris.


It compares the PDF outputs before and after the change, including the XML output data, and reports relevant differences.

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