The Volkswagen Group creates and maintains several thousand engineering standards. These contain guidelines and rules which are not covered by existing national or international standards. The engineering standards are an essential basis so that internal and external staff can tackle new developments and constructions.

Engineering standards

Prior to the changeover the VW staff created the engineering standards in MS Word which was often associated with many disadvantages: Design and layout did not meet the specifications. If a current standard was translated it was often very work-intensive to correct and adapt formatting. Certain activities were time consuming and prone to error, e.g. status change from draft to standard, creation of other relevant documents or the input of rotated tables, illustrations and sections.

Working with XML today is much more efficient: The new technology makes full use of automatic processing:

  • no manual layouting
  • guaranteed compliance with the CI specifications
  • reliable links to internal sources, external information sources and other standards are enabled
  • creating different issues at the touch of a button
  • easy translation

Since the productive use in 2006 DOSCO has expanded the application regularly to meet new requirements from VW and for further improvement. E.g. workflow for release and filing, support for 3D-PDF and attachments, quality assurance check routines.

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