Manual for the NPP Gösgen

The online operation manual (BHB) is the significant document to run a nuclear power plant. Its volume consists of several thousands of pages for each plant, split up over many individual documents. Main purpose of the project in the nuclear power plant Gösgen was to optimize both maintenance and the daily use of the operation manual (BHB).

Data Management based on XML

DOSCO developed an XML based application for the BHB which improves and facilitates both maintenance and publication. Essential keystones are:

  • Semantic XML-schemas for the different content types of the BHB such as armature position, operation mode and explanation of messages.
  • Functions for easy setting and verification of cross-references over the entire BHB.
  • Connection to the plant management system for the correct entry and verification of plant information (for example plant identification code, plain text) in the BHB.
  • Fully automatic publication of the content to PDF for the paper version and to HTML for the online manual.

Fast access via online-BHB

In addition to the operators, many employees need information from the BHB for their daily work. A web-based online BHB with extensive search options now facilitates and accelerates the search. It is available at every workstation.

The connection of the online BHB to the process computer enables the display of explanations of messages at the touch of a button. With the several thousand messages documented in the BHB, this significantly reduces the search effort.

The online BHB is updated incrementally as soon as one of the many individual documents has been changed and released.

Follow-up order emergency manual

After converting all existing content (more than 8,000 pages) into XML format according to the new structures, the application is in use since 2014. Based on the good experience, DOSCO received the follow-up order for the extension of the application to the emergency manual in 2017.

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