Audi On-Board Manual Online 2

Always access the current logbook online from the car - cloud-based without annoying updates. The new Audi online logbook makes it possible and paves the way to the digital future.

Browser-based and flexible

Instead of storing the logbook locally in each vehicle, it is stored centrally in the cloud. The reader accesses the desired information via browser in the infotainment system. The central storage of the content makes it easier to update. Browser-based access decouples the application from the vehicle software, opens up a wide range of expansion options, and provides information about the attractiveness of the various contents. Last but not least, it provides a direct "line" to the customer.

DOSCO developed the associated backend application including publication environment and significantly supports its operation. The entire backend application is cloud-based and takes advantage of the stateless microservice architecture.

(Image source: AUDI AG)

Scope and outlook

The Audi On-Board Manual Online 2 was launched in Europe in May 2021 with 30 languages in almost the entire Audi model range. The application will be consistently integrated into all subsequent models.


The next goals are global use and support for additional access media such as myAudi. With its central data storage and flexible, browser-based access, Audi On-Board Manual Online 2 is ideally prepared for this.

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