About us

With our competence and experience you will reach your goal. Our specialization is focused on the task of technical documentation which we know exactly . For more than 20 years we have been developing adequate solutions to meet our customer requirements. This has resulted in many successful projects, loyal customers and most of all, long-term employees.

DOSCO – from the 90s into the future

Robert Erfle and Günter von Zadow founded DOSCO GmbH in 1995. The business concept was consulting and application development which was based on ISO standards SGML.

For many years the W3C standard XML which originated from SGML has been the foundation for the content modelling. The “Philosophy” is still the same, but the technology has changed extensively.

Today Robert Erfle runs the company on his own and manages a team of 12 experts.

We are inquisitive and innovative, accompanying the technological changes

„Industry 4.0“, „Internet of things“ or „digitalization“; these keywords dominate discussions of the industrial future. The associated changes also concern technical documentation.

Printed manuals can still be found in many companies, but these days customers and service managers expect more:

  • Available information „everywhere“: PC, tablet smartphone, smart glasses,...
  • Tailored and up-to-date information for a specific product
  • Support by use of appropriate media: videos, animation, augmented reality

Take a look at our Solutions - you will find a comprehensive offering for challenges relating Technical Documentation.

In References we gathered the most spectacular projects we developed individually for our customers.

For the first time we have a standard solution DOSCO Werknorm, which enables you to start quickly and with reasonable expences - always with the possibility to enhance and adjust DOSCO Werknorm to your individual needs. 

Do you need consulting service with the introduction of VDI 2770-  oder iiRDS- compliant documentation? We offer both consultancy and - in case of VDI 2770 - a web based tool.

Confidence and partnership characterize our cooperation

We have a long-standing cooperation working closely together with many customers. In this time a great amount of trust has developed between us. We discover solutions for new requirements in a flexible and pragmatic manner. Our direct and fast support has proven successful for questions and problems which arise.

In accordance with our customer relationships we have a solid and reliable team. The fluctuation is very low. Working trustfully with each other stimulates the motivation to produce a joint solution equipped for the challenges of the future.