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Wide variety of media

Efficient systems for your documentation

DOSCO develops applications and systems for Technical documentation. The range of requirements is very varied. The product cycles are becoming shorter. The number of variants is increasing. Cost pressures are rising.

The challenges of increasing digitalization are adding new meaning to the provision of smart product information. The two standards iiRDS (tekom) and VDI 2770 take this into account.

In addition to the classic tasks of creating, managing and publishing technical documentation, we also support you on all issues and tasks relating to the two new standards.


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Intelligent documentation

The right information to the necessary extent for the present product – that wishes everyone who has a specific job to do. No mile-long manuals and no descriptions in many languages for countless product variants.

This is achieved by modularization and enrichment of the modules with metadata. Thus, the desired information can be determined and provided automatically according to the request. The documentation becomes "intelligent".

This is exactly where the two standards VDI 2770 and iiRDS come in. They regulate the organization of the documentation at handover and provide metadata for different aspects (e.g., product variant, information type, required qualification). Only standardization allows the construction of the necessary infrastructure for the creation and use of "intelligent" documentation across company boundaries.

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VDI 2770 mit Wrap Now

DOSCO Wrap Now ist ein Softwareprodukt zur Erstellung von Dokumentationspaketen gemäß VDI 2770. Es ermöglicht die Erfassung der Metadaten pro Dokument über eine komfortable Oberfläche und die erstellt per Knopfdruck das Gesamtpaket.

Vorlagen für bestimmte Metadaten und Kopierfunktionen verringern wiederkehrende Eingaben. Die Konsistenzprüfung der Metadaten sorgt für Korrektheit gemäß den VDI 2770 Vorgaben.

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