Project Setix

The KION Group (formerly Linde Material Handling) is a worldwide provider of industrial trucks. Renowned brands are Linde, STILL, Fenwick, OM, Baoli, VOLTAS and Linde Hydraulics.

From operating manuals to data sheets

In the past each brand had its own service documentation which was published with classical DTP programmes such as Pagemaker or Ventura Publisher. In 2002 the KION Group changed over by using DOSCO’s XML technology under the name Setix „System zur Erstellung technischer Informationen in XML“(System creating technical information in XML).

The new technology supports ideally KION Group’s multi-brand strategy by means of group-wide DTD’s and brand-specific print processors. Additional benefits are the automated preparations of the publications and the documentation is modular based.

Today Setix produces operating manuals, workshop literature, training documentation, presentations and data sheets in 20 languages and in formats DIN A3 (circuit diagrams) up to DIN A6 (data sheets).

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