Smart glasses

Well informed and always hands free – smart glasses are an ideal solution. In addition they support quality assurance, prevention of errors and documenting orders in many ways.

Text, images, video and much more

We have developed an app for the Epson Moverio BT series which displays all required information to service center or production staff. This includes text, images, videos or animations. In addition the app has multiple options such as capturing images, chat or AR.


The android app receives the contents in form of individual HTML pages. It is displayed in the field of vision and offers appropriate navigation functions.

The control is performed via language commands (e.g. “”next” “back” “close” “5”) or via head movement. The instruction set can easily be changed or extended.

Smart glasses present an additional HTML based output channel. If the available information is in XML format, it is normally possible to generate the required HTML pages by converting automatically.

Server application

The app communicates with a central server application. It received its “assignments” via this application. The pages including other information (e.g. images) which is displayed in the glasses during the process, are then logged on the server.

The work performed is therefore documented transparently. During the implementation the processing status can be viewed at any time.

Recording QR detection

The smart glasses can record sound, images or videos whilst working. This is stored on the server in context with the currently displayed information page.

Additional information can be retained quickly and easily, e.g. the status prior to a maintenance, special conditions for a production step or feedback itself to the information displayed.

The app barcode recognition or QR code recognition enables various applications, for example:

  • Allocation of correct information for technical devices
  • Testing spare parts, agents and additives
  • Provision of correct tools

This supports the quality control and prevents any mistakes.

Interaction with devices

More and more devices, machines, components and tools already have a communications interface, or they will have one in the near future. This is an important prerequisite for integrating industry 4.0 applications.

The app is consequently able to communicate with devices such as a diagnosis device, frequency converter or a flow meter. The communication in turn can be used for different purposes, for example:

  • Retrieving current operating data
  • Displaying warning and error messages
  • Displaying relevant information to avoid specific error messages
  • Changing the configuration

Chat funktion

Staff members can contact colleagues or customers at any time by using the chat function. If particular difficulties arise he can call upon an expert to support. Or he can discuss unplanned but additional work with the customer.

The key benefit is that the person you are in contact with can view the current situation via the glasses camera on machines and devices.

Augmented reality (AR)

Smart glasses are ideal devices for using as AR functions. The user can see the additional information that appears instantly without having to hold a tablet or smartphone over the working object.

Creation and maintenance of AR functions or the underlying data is still relatively complex. Widespread use is unrealistic for the near future.

As an initial strategy, the AR functions could be used in suitable smaller areas. With the further development of this technology and the experience acquired, the field of application will gradually increase.