Skill Chat

Via smart glasses SKILL Chat connects workers in service and production with remote support colleagues (“experts“). This video chat application provides a perfect means for aimed support. The worker’s hands remain free and ready for operations.

User Interface for the Expert

The camera images of the smart glasses let the expert “see“ the exact situation in the field. That allows him to provide precise and appropriate support. He only needs a web browser to access the chat application on SKILL Server.

Help via images

During the support chat the expert may easily capture screenshots of the camera images in the field, enhance them with helpful annotations and send them to the smart glasses. Likewise he can send images with explanatory drawings, illustrations or tables.


SKILL Server handles all support chats and provides the user interface for the expert. It manages users and smart glasses. Each client may setup and manage his users by himself. One pair of smart glasses may be used by different workers.

Advantages of SKILL Chat

  • Qualified support quickly „in the field“
  • Shorter work interruptions
  • Decreased downtime of hardware components
  • Less travel

See also our alternative Application with step by step instructions and further additional functions:



The price of SKILL Chat corresponds to the number of smart glasses used. For each pair of smart glasses a fixed amount becomes due every year. The number of staff members registered as potential chat partners on SKILL Server is not significant.


Test package

Try out SKILL Chat with a time-limited test package. You will receive a pair of smart glasses and an account on SKILL Server.