Project Livas 3

Each character of LIVAS (Literatur-, Informations-, Verarbeitungs- und Abwicklungs-System) stands for a literature, information, processing and implementation system.
DOSCO supported the Volkswagen Group to change over the format of their operating instruction manuals and workshop literature to SGML, the predecessor to XML. This format was used in the third generation VW editorial systems, which were changed successfully from 1997 onwards. In the meantime the Volkswagen Group is using XML.

Operating manuals and workshop literature in the Volkswagen Group

The new technology impresses with its benefits of various types of output for operating manuals:

  • Four brand-specific printed versions
  • On-board versions in Audi’s vehicles
  • Internet versions at ŠKODA
  • App for Smartphones and tablet computers at ŠKODA
  • Fully individualized print version with chassis number for VW Phaeton

These types of output result in fully automatic processes which are available in 40 languages. The Group is now able to overcome the major challenges caused by the tremendous increase of models and versions.

DOSCO cooperates with ESG GmbH who integrated the individual components into a database supported editorial system.


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