Skill Task

Via smart glasses SKILL Task provides the worker in service or production with step by step instructions of the task to be performed. The instructions may consist of text and images or videos with animations.

Step by step instructions

The smart glasses blend the work instructions into the worker’s field of view. His hands remain free for the work to be done. Voice commands and gestures control the display of the instructions and invoke the additional functions.

Basis for this is a folder containing the instructions for one task. The tasks themselves can be organized in a hierarchical structure.

Creating the tasks

We recommend MS Power Point to create the tasks with text and images. The display of the smart glasses shows the content of one slide, which should contain one or more related instructions. It is also possible to use any other tool to create the tasks.

Save all tasks in an appropriate folder structure. The SKILL Task Server will monitor this structure. Via synchronization with the SKILL Task Server the smart glasses load new tasks and actualize the data pool. Only for synchronization the smart glasses need to be online.

Videos and Animations

The tasks may contain or consist entirely of videos and animations. Save all content related to one task in one folder.

Use voice commands and gestures to navigate between the videos and to start and stop them.

Advantages and Use

With SKIL Task the  worker is always provided with all necessary information and his hands remain free. There is a diverse range of use

  • Support for complex and infrequent tasks
  • Training of new employees or new topics
  • Training and refreshing of often changing tasks

Test package

Try out SKILL Task with a time-limited test package. The package includes a pair of smart glasses and support with the creation and management of the tasks on SKILL Server.

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