Skill Task

Via smart glasses SKILL Task provides the worker in service or production with step by step instructions of the task to be performed. Additional functions like QR code detection, photo and voice notes as well as video chat offer further support and increased quality assurance.

Step by step instructions

The smart glasses blend the work instructions into the worker’s field of view. His hands remain free for the work to be done. Voice commands and gestures control the display of the instructions and invoke the additional functions.

Logging of the steps

The tasks to be fulfilled are planned and managed on SKILL Server. The smart glasses communicate with SKILL Server and log the accomplished work steps there.
With the smart glasses the worker may capture photos or record voice notes at any time. These will be stored on SKILL Server within the context of the current work step.

Video-Chat and QR-Code detection

In case the worker needs additional support he may initiate a video chat with a remote support colleague. The camera images of the smart glasses let the support colleague “see” the exact situation in the field and thus he can provide precise and appropriate help.

The QR code detection is used for different purposes, e.g.:

  • Identification and registration of the worker at the smart glasses
  • Identification of hardware components that need to be worked on
  • Checking and verification of spare parts, tools or accessories

Advantages of SKILL Task

  • Hands free and always well guided
  • Automatic logging of accomplished steps
  • Quality assurance by verification via QR code detection
  • Remote help via video chat always ready

Test package

Try out SKILL Task with a time-limited test package. The package includes a pair of smart glasses and support with the creation and management of the tasks on SKILL Server.

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